What Buyers Say

Vesna was so prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. We honestly feel we would not have “won” the negotiations without Vesna. Vesna will be our agent for life.

- The Sullivans

Vesna exceeded all expectations. She is perhaps the best I have encountered and I spent enough time working for a title company to know. Superb in every manner. Good value in all respects Vesna has no equal.

- Ed

Vesna helped us with getting the land we wanted. Vesna is always professional and she made the transaction very easy and worry-free. We know we can count on Vesna. She is very professional, quick to answer our questions, always helpful, and caring.

- Dirk and Christine

Our feelings of joy and awe upon moving into our new home can only be matched by our gratitude to you. You have been our guide, our confidant, and our problem solver. Your warmth and professionalism brought us home.

- Steve and Johanna

OUTSTANDING! She goes well beyond and always with a smile. It’s fun to work with her. Her knowledge and CARE are unmatched. Vesna is my superhero in the real estate business – she can do magic - and I would never work with anyone else.

- Sandra

This has been the best experience of home buying we have ever had. You simply ARE the BEST!

- Grace and Jon

By the end of buying our first house, with her guidance, it felt like we were basically family. She educated us on the process, helped us become more competitive buyers, and supported us in making the right decisions along the way. Her tenure and knowledge in the business made us feel so taken care of. It was a joy to work with Vesna, she’s the best there is!

- Dylan

Vesna was the perfect balance of patience and persistence, extremely knowledgeable, a joy to work with. She is the reason we bought our house. She is First Rate and First Class.

- Bill and Elizabeth

Vesna represented our interests with her depth of knowledge, her professionalism, and her exceptional instincts honed by years of doing what she does best. Her legal knowledge is a definite plus.

- Rene and Mike

Vesna was knowledgeable, patient, and supportive – an excellent resource and advocate. She is the best agent we have ever worked with. We would highly recommend Vesna.

- Marty and Betsy

Vesna is obviously so experienced with the Bainbridge market and that, combined with her negotiation skills and personality, helped ensure a positive outcome. She helped make our house hunting trips to Bainbridge efficient and effective, which was especially appreciated given that we have 2 young children! We will recommend her to others without reservation and consider her a friend.

- Kathy and Kulpreet

Vesna is incredible. We couldn't be happier with the service she provided. She's quick to respond, knowledgeable, friendly, and was always available for us when we needed her. Highly recommended, thank you Vesna!

- Kelchj

Vesna = A++ in every way. We had a wonderful experience start to finish and we were wary of realtor services given past experiences. She is such a bright, warm & intelligent person. This all carried over into her work, securing us a home we love at the right price. She is a true gem and we had an awesome home buying experience.

- Ashley and Kelly

Professional at every level. We’ve worked with Vesna for about 15 years and very much enjoy and appreciate the relationship.

- Dave and Terry

Vesna’s experience and endless patience made the entire process less nerve-wracking. Vesna was always willing to show us another property and we could always rely on her for an honest, objective viewpoint. Vesna is not allowed to retire until we have bought and sold the last homes we will ever need. She has helped me with 3 homes over 20 years and I would recommend her to anyone I know.

- Rick and Cindy

I have been told by the owners that we bought from that Vesna did a wonderful job of describing my husband and me and really “selling” our offer. The listing agent also said it seemed to come from the heart. Exceptional job.

- Tulley

My Sales

What Sellers Say

I highly recommend Vesna Somers, and Windermere RE Bainbridge for the excellent service provided as my Listing Broker in the recent sale of my house on Bainbridge Island. Vesna was very instrumental in analyzing the market value with comparable properties on the Island to determine the right price range. She was always open and sincere in sharing her views with me. The pandemic changed the rules, but Vesna understood the new rules and ensured compliance. The price as adjusted once at Vesna's suggestion and we had a full price offer and executed sales agreement on the first day of the adjusted price. Thereafter, Vesna provided assistance, advice, encouragement and support throughout the transaction. She was always available. Vesna is an excellent communicator and kept both sides informed and up to date. I highly recommend Vesna as your listing broker or buyer's agent. She will perform in a professional manner with the right demeanor, personality, and charm that will greatly assist in ensuring a successful transaction

- C. Jones

She was very proactive in getting us prepared to sell our house – and her advice worked. We sold our house in a day! We were extremely pleased that we chose Vesna as our agent. When things got intense, she was always there to work through the issues and to ensure the sale happened. Vesna is the best agent we have ever worked with.

- Molly and Steve

Focused, active, excellent communication. We have worked with Vesna in the past and respect and adore her.

- Caroline and Neil

Vesna was terrific. She was extremely professional, kept us well informed, and guided us through the negotiation process expertly. Her advice was excellent and saved us money. She has an amazing understanding of Bainbridge Island and real estate issues on BI. Also, she appears to have a large, well-connected network.

- Steve and Jill

Excellent and friendly. Vesna is one of the most professional people I have worked with. She was such a joy!

- Denise

Vesna is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but she is personable and kind.

- Martin

EXCELLENT! But I would expect no less. Vesna is a true professional! Sold my house in 3 days and over asking. And, got us a great rental as well!

- John

I have bought/sold a lot of real estate in my lifetime. This transaction ranks #1 for being extraordinary in every measure.

- Robin

Fabulous – above and beyond the call of duty! Vesna is absolutely the best. Perennially cheerful, professional, and smart.

- Giase & deLaubenfels

I have been building and selling homes on the island for about 24 years. Vesna is by far the best agent I have ever worked with. She is professional and smart with a good feel about how to handle clients.

- Darrell

Exemplary. Responsive. Creative. Professional.

- Paul and Bonnie

Vesna was outstanding – very professional and a pleasure to work with. It is no wonder so many people recommended her when we asked around.

- Emrich

Vesna Somers was a magnificent professional. We can’t imagine a better experience. Our experience was the best among many real estate purchases throughout the years.

- Dura and Matthew

Absolutely the best. Vesna Somers is the top real estate agent on Bainbridge Island. She always went above and beyond to get our house sold. We love her!

- Byrne-McKnight

She is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and prompt in all areas. We are happy to know her and work with her.

- Brown

Vesna was outstanding and this transaction would not have been possible without her.

- Mary and Greg

I selected her to buy my house when I moved to Bainbridge and when I decided to sell my house twelve years later. She’s the best! Very helpful in helping us to prioritize what needed to be done and insights into the local market.

- Bill

Vesna Somers is truly outstanding in all respects. She is brilliant, highly professional, warm, personable, intuitive, tough, and incredibly hardworking. If I were foolish enough to go through this again, I would use her in a heartbeat. I would recommend her without question to anyone, as she relates well to people from all walks of life.

- Nancy

Vesna was an outstanding partner in the sale of our Bainbridge home. She understood the value of our home right away, set a realistic price for it, marketed it superbly with exceptional photos/videos, and engaged potential buyers in a productive way. Once an offer was made, she handled the negotiations expertly...I recommend her with the highest enthusiasm to any prospective seller.

- Tachi

We have bought and sold a lot of homes and we know what a difference getting the right agent makes. Please know that we think you are the best and couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

- Sam and Alice

Could not have been better from start to finish. Vesna performed the rare feat of professional service evolving into friendship.

- Tad and Karen

Vesna was great! I would certainly recommend her to friends anytime. She was available when needed, always returned calls, and in general, fulfilled all my needs. Along with being personable, conscientious, reliable, she is an overall wonderful person.

- Steve

Superlative, unsurpassed, experienced, and knowledgeable. Vesna is sui generis in her skill and enthusiasm. You’ve got a sure winner in her. I have known this Broker personally and professionally for over 30 years.

- Rob